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"Tim Goffe was one new artist whose paintings caught my eye. His pieces have a very Ed Ruscha feel, exploring and examining urban environments with simply composed urban snapshots. Though the content seems to be very simple, there is something about the painting style that caught me. “Aggregate” is particularly effective, the wooden fence in the foreground, natural form of the tree with the crane in the background spoke to me of humanity’s dominance over the landscape."

(Christopher Spring-


Tim Goffe has gained a reputation as an accomplished and collected painter, and has won prestigious painting prizes and been selected for inclusion in high-profile gallery exhibitions. 

Builders yards and industrial sites are seen when work has ended for the day or not yet begun, while vacant and forgotten shopfronts are painted with a vitality which reminds the onlooker that these were once thriving places.

Goffe’s painterly style is a balance of precision and expressive mark-making, and has developed from his desire to translate fleeting moments onto the painted canvas." (RM)


"Tim's subtle oil paintings bring barren, industrial spaces to life with the creative use of light and colour. His works look especially beautiful amongst traditional interiors.”

Martyn White Design


"The sense of place evoked in Tim Goffe's work create striking and beautiful images for everyday industrial spaces."

Rebecca Gordon - Rise Art Curator


"...His choice of subject matter, coupled with an instinct for composition and expressive handling of paint, result in stimulating scenes that imply a narrative but never fully explain themselves. 

From disused industrial yards and empty shops, to the tops of New York skyscrapers, the absence of human figures in Goffe’s compositions heightens the sense of atmosphere by suggesting that the viewer is alone in the environment."


"Dear Tim It was a great pleasure to hang these small works in that intimate way...I hope you continue to submit your work to the Summer Exhibition... Your painting was small but conveyed the big message."-Barbara Rae RA

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